Frequently Asked Questions

A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense Workshops:

  • Provides mental and physical women’s self-defense training practice.
  • Addresses creating and maintaining boundaries for personal safety.
  • Raises awareness of situations which create opportunities in which women can be attacked.
  • Teaches simple yet effective self-defense techniques that will help women get away in the event they are physically attacked.
  • Provides the opportunity to practice realistic scenarios.

What A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense Classes Aren’t

While the women’s self-defense techniques taught are drawn from multiple martial art and combat disciplines, our women’s self-defense classes are not martial arts, urban assault, or combat training. You will not be taught techniques that require superior physical strength or advanced motor skills. You will not be taught 20 ways to break an arm, how to street fight, or train to be an expert in unarmed combat. While there is occasional instruction in weapons use, the techniques primarily taught do not use weapons.

Who Teaches A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense Classes?

A.C.T. Womens Self-Defense ClassesTo provide a strong female role model, A.C.T women’s self-defense classes are led by women who have both self-defense skills and an in-depth knowledge of how violence is perpetrated against women.

The co-instructor, who acts as the aggressor, is a male who has achieved a martial arts teaching rank. A teaching rank for co-instructors ensures that aggressor drills are realistic yet executed with superior control.


Who Can Attend A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense Classes?

A.C.T. women’s self-defense classes are designed for adult women. Young women age 15 -17 are welcome to attend with parental permission (signature on our waiver of liability). Girls ages 12 to 14 are welcome to attend when accompanied by an adult female parent or legal guardian.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable fitness attire that’s easy to move in, such as sweats or stretch pants with t-shirt; typically what you would wear to the gym. SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE MAT. You can choose to either go barefoot or wear socks. Please do not wear:

  • Perfume
  • Scented lotions
  • Jewelry

What should I bring?

If it is your first class or workshop, be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to sign a waiver form. You may want to bring a bottle of water.

Can my father, husband, boyfriend, etc. watch or participate with me in the program?

Due to the conversation, and in order to ensure the comfort of all who attend, the class is for women only. Men, other than male co-instructors, are not allowed to attend.