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Women's Self-Defense Class SponsorThe A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense program provides training in psychological and and physical self-defense techniques to empower women and girls through classes and workshops.

The A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense program is NOT a martial arts program, nor is it a fighting system. There is nothing wrong with women and girls participating in a martial arts program, however they should not have to invest the time and money into developing martial arts expertise so that they can learn how to defend themselves. Furthermore, most martial arts programs do not expressly address violence against women, which is distinctly different than male-on-male violence.

The A.C.T. curriculum was developed to educate women and girls on the ways females are most commonly targeted and most commonly attacked. The objective is to provide both mental preparedness and predator recognition, along with practical verbal and physical defense tactics, so that they do not become victims.

​While our self-defense training is kept as affordable as possible, many women cannot bear any extra expense. Please consider sponsoring one or more women or girls who want to become empowered by learning how to successfully defend themselves. You can call us by phone at (602) 730-1360, or by completing the form below.