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A.C.T. Women's Self-Defense is now ACT Self-Defense

Our self-defense program has been re-branded as ACT Self-Defense.

The A.C.T. Women's Self-Defense Program

The A.C.T. Women's Self-Defense Program

What we do and why we do it.

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Class & Seminar Schedule

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women's self-defense class workshop

New! Learn Women’s Self-Defense in a Weekend Workshop

Empower yourself (or someone you love) with our weekend reality-based women’s self-defense workshop. You’ll learn simple, effective self-defense techniques how and apply them in real situations! The A.C.T. Learn Women’s Self-Defense in a Weekend workshop provides training in both psychological and physical self-defense techniques. Girls age 15-17 may participate with parental permission. Due to some…

New Women's Self-Defense Class Sep-Oct 2017

New 8-Week Women’s Self-Defense Class Starts September 9, 2017

A new session of the 8-week A.C.T. Women’s Self-Defense class in Phoenix begins on September 9, 2017. The self-defense techniques in the program are drawn from an array of martial arts and are selected for their effectiveness and ease of use in escaping the most common attacks against women. This is a perfect mother daughter…

elevator-safety tips womens self-defense

Elevator Safety Tips – Don’t Be a Crime Victim!

Elevators are crime magnets. You’re alone, with a criminal, and the one way out is closed. It’s a criminal’s dream! The isolation provides the perfect environment for perpetrating robberies, muggings, and sexual assaults. If you think the security cameras, if they’re installed, are a deterrent, don’t be fooled. If the security camera is working, it’s…


3 Reasons You MUST PRACTICE Women’s Self-Defense

The adage “Practice makes perfect” applies to women’s self-defense as much as it does to learning spelling and arithmetic. Women’s self-defense is a combination of both mental and physical training. Every women’s self-defense instructor will tell you to continue practicing the techniques taught so that you can develop what’s called “body memory”. This means that…